USB MEMORY STICK VERSUS THE CLOUD: Some thing you rather keep to yourself


USB Memory Sticks are so handy as a quick and safe backup tool. They are small, practical,work on most computers you will come across and they are the perfect promotional gift for any occasion!

But now, there’s cloud backup. And I love it!

Yes, even if it doesn’t really fit your business-plan, there’s no way you can deny the power of cloud computing. And there is a buzz going around in the Promotional Gift Trade, that Promotional USB memory sticks are loosing out on the cloud.

It is a fact, that especially for computer-commuters, the cloud has really made a difference in the way we work. It’s easy, convenient, secure, always available, and did I say secure?

But is it?

With all the hackers,  spying governments and Heartbleed Bug’s, eyeballing your information day and night, do you really want your personal or  highly confidential business information out-there? Like…  up for grabs for anyone who’s able to crack the code?

Opinions are divided, but for myself I prefer to store my personal information on a medium that I can conveniently take with me wherever I go, and where I’m sure that my data is as safe as possible.

This being said, I am convinced that USB memory sticks are far from outdated as a backup tool, and when I look at how they are valued as a corporate gift, there is no doubt that USB memory sticks are, and will remain, a top promotional gift for years to come.

And oh yes, I nearly forgot, they work! Even when your internet is down or when you’re out of reach!

Show me some love if you feel the same way about USB memory sticks, or prove me wrong if you think differently! 🙂

Any which way, I’m looking forward to your feedback or any questions about  promotional USB memory sticks you might have!

Till the next one!


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