Dear customer,

I assume it’s safe to say that we all feel the crunch of the tough economy we’re experiencing for quite a while now in South Africa.

That’s why over the last few years, we have always tried, to get at least a few affordable pen promotions online, offering a free print, to assist our customers even though they have a real tight budget.

But I am sure you will understand that the same economics apply to Gifts and Gadgets as well, and where we used to give a free print on many pens, with the only requirement being a minimum purchase quantity of thousand units, we regret that we now have to step up the terms and conditions a bit.

First the good news: We still offer a free print on 1000 units of a whole range of pens, making for a great (cheap) giveaway.

But, and that’s the bad news: As from now on, we can only give the free print on a wrap print, and unfortunately no longer on a pad print.


What does this mean in practical terms:

A pad print stretches along the length (axis) of the pen barrel, with an average maximum printing size of 6 X 55 mm (depending on the model of the pen)

A wrap print, however, goes around the circumference of the barrel of the pen and is usually taller and narrower.

The average maximum wrap print is about 12 x 40 mm (again depending on the model of the pen).


So, what does this mean concerning your artwork?

We guess we will have to be a bit creative, and our designers are on standby, without any obligation, to get you out of the pickle.

But we will need our customers to be a bit lenient towards the look of the artwork: A long line of text isn’t going to happen anymore, but with some goodwill, and some brainstorming between our designers and yourself, our valued customer, we can make this work.

Give us a buzz should you have any questions about this matter.


We hope that our effort will get your approval.


Edwin Spiessens for The Gifts and Gadgets Team

When times are tough, the tough get going!

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