With so many Corporate Gifts to choose from, Do I choose between a USB memory stick, or a pen and notebook set, or etc. etc?

Which Corporate Gifts To Choose?

Showing gratitude to a varied group of employees, clients and business associates might sound like a simple thing, but when you opt to reward your team, your customer base, or your prospects at a tradeshow, corporate gifts come in the scenario.

As daunting as it may seem, following a few basics can simplify the process  of, AND might help to save you substantially on your corporate gifts purchase.

Plan: Just like for any other activity, if you want to get the most out of your corporate gifts campaign, it requires a meticulous planning.

  • Identification: The first requirement is to identify your target group – employees, clients or prospects. This is to avoid mass disappointment with a badly chosen gift.
  • Budgeting: Get an idea of the budget you will need for the gifts you like. You will see that different ideas can either fit your budget or become irrelevant. Working your way through multiple ideas will result in a few viable options. Evaluate different branding options. Multiple or full color printing can put a lot of pressure on your budget, where simplifying your logo to a one color print or an engraving can still convey the message at a fraction of the cost.
  • Timing and logistics: Be clever and make sure time is on your side! Ordering way upfront doesn’t only saves you from a pending heart attack when courier services finally arrive at the last minute before your event starts, but more than often, you will also be able to save substantially on your purchase. If larger orders can be imported directly from the manufacturers, you might be looking at savings of 20-40 %! It cannot be stressed enough that timely planning is without doubt the most beneficial factor of the whole purchasing process! A good approach is to appoint a responsible person to organize the whole project. Pinpoint a delivery date with enough margin to ensure the whole process will be a smooth, stressless experience.

Execute: Detailed planning is half the battle won but if the other half i.e.  execution, is below par, your entire exercise can fail miserably.

  • Systematically implement all the plans laid out. Make sure you get a sample of the gifts you selected to evaluate its quality and lastly finalize your order, way in advance to avoid last minute panic situations. Working with a professional promotional gifts supplier streamlines the logistical process, right from wrapping the gifts, to shipping them.

Exercise Caution: There are certain things to be careful of when you are using corporate gifts as a rewards or marketing program.

  • Don’t try too hard to please your receivers. Remember, you are showing your appreciation, you are not trying to bribe them. Keep all processes transparent amongst team members, maintain strict quality standards at all times and keep an eye on the budget and corresponding expenses.
  • If you are planning to give corporate gifts to especially larger organizations, check carefully if they have any policies, terms or conditions related to receiving certain types of gifts.

Systematic planning and prudent execution are the most vital factors for accomplishing a successful corporate gifts campaign. So plan ahead of time with your associates and seamlessly carry out the big event.

In the hope that the tips above have given you a good head start, leave your comments, or drop us a line if you need some personalized advise without any further obligations.

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