Free Delivery Our Silicone Wristbands, now with free delivery to all main centres on the African Continent!

Our Silicone Wristbands Now With Free Delivery Across Africa

Being the Africa specialist, Silicone Wristbands 4 Africa now delivers your wristbands for free to ANY main centre in Africa.

But being a very large continent, Africa still boosts some very, VERY remote places.  

While it may take us some effort to deliver to you if you live in Tristan de Cunha, we can deliver to you .

We can not guarantee however, that you are going to receive your order there at the same price as, let’s say Nairobi or Lagos.

I suppose you will understand.

But! Don’t feel let down! Give us a shout or fill out the form below, and we will find out for you what can be done.  

The unfortunate but unavoidable fine print.

As most of our orders are being couriered / shipped, Nationally and Internationally, door to door, we take great care of organising this service for our customers.
Although the bulk of our orders are being delivered without any hick-up, there are many people and many processes involved (especially in International shipping), and therefore we advise to take note of our shipping and courier policy below.

We use only reputable couriers: DHL Express, FedEx, and UPS for our International shippings, and Rush for our national deliveries.
We can therefore pride ourselves that nearly all our shipments are being delivered in good order and in a timely manner.

This means however, that we completely have to rely on third parties, and although we are picky about our couriers for this service, we do not control the outcome of the complicated logistical process that any shipping actually is.
Unfortunately, and even though all parties involved, acted correctly and responsibly, it has happened that things went wrong with consignments while in transit.

Even though we do regret sincerely that deliveries run late, we can not take responsibility for any possible delay (i.e. customs delays, strikes, cargo tracking issues, flight issues, airport issues, etc), in the delivery of consignments.

Therefore: ALL delivery times are based on realistic and tested estimated transit times – No responsibility is accepted for delays out of our control i.e. customs delays, strikes, cargo tracking issues, Etc., UNLESS a guaranteed courier service (such as overnight service) has been negotiated.

Our Silicone Wristbands Now With Free Delivery Across Africa

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