Redesigning and simplifying your logo can drastically reduce the printing costs of promotional items.

Logo simplification makes for big savings

Gifts and Gadgets now offers free* logo redesign / simplification, resulting in big savings on your promotional gifts printing.

So what is this about? Unless you have access to a nearly unlimited budget as marketing managers in some large corporate companies do, for most companies though, marketing is done on a tight budget.

However, if you use all options of  promotional gifts printing cleverly, there are ways to convey the message, stick to your quality level and not to look as a cheapskate in front of your target group!

We often get the reaction from customers who order a low budget promotional item, that the printing costs are higher than the purchase of the promotional gift itself! Most of the time this is because their logo requires a three / four or full color print. On top of the printing of the multiple colors itself, depending on the type of print, the process accrues an additional setup per color, all of which can result in a far higher price tag than anticipated.

This being said, there is a way to solve this issue, and we are offering the solution to our customers as a free* service! We can redesign and simplify your logo to basic black and white (without gray tones) layout, which will allow us to print a one color print on any promotional item.

There is a downside to it though:
-The simplification to one colour is not applicable to every logo or artwork. Sometimes it will happen that a second color is needed or even that simplification is not possible at all. We will gladly advise you on the possibilities without any further obligation.
-Another issue might be that the company policy requires all branding to be uniform on all media. If this is the case, then obviously the above is not applicable.

Drop us a line, let us know what your requirement are, send us the artwork that you’ve got and let us have a look at what your options are.
No further obligations, nothing to lose!

In the meantime, keep well and til the next one!


* T& C’s apply.

  • Free service offered on any product purchase of R3500.00 excluded the branding cost and VAT.
  • The free service is limited to only one free logo  simplification / redesign per order.
  • Not every logo or artwork is suitable for the process. It is at our sole discretion to reject any artwork without further ado.
  • If the purchase price of your items to be printed is less then R3500.00 excluding VAT, we offer the same service at R250.00 with the same terms and conditions.



Final Artwork:



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