Promotional gifts - direct import

Promotional gifts – direct import

Promotional gifts from International manufacturers, drop shipped to your door at the lowest prices in Southern Africa.

It has taken us 5 years of trial and error, to get to the point where we now can offer promotional gifts from several trusted manufacturers from all over the world of which we are confident that you will get a quality promotional product which is professionally branded.

While one as a layman may think that this should not be a big deal, anyone involved with import, especially from China, will tell you very different stories, and this is moderately expressed.

Besides the language confusions and the different mode of trading, <YES, GOOD QUALITY! FIV YER GARANT, PLEAZ MAKE PAYMENT NOW>, there’s a lot of genuine sharks out there, and it is a big, big sea.

So how does one separates the wheat from the tares? Simply put, it is a slow process of building up trust from both sides, a journey with many pitfalls of which we had to bear the brunt, but after 5 years, we may proudly say that we have an excellent trading relationship with suppliers in many different niches of the promotional gifts trade.

From promotional USB memory sticks, to all kinds of bags, key-rings, lapel pins, power banks, silicone and Tyvek wristbands, pens, lanyards, you name it: We have a trustworthy supplier for it.

We courier many of these promotional items as airfreight and drop ship them to your door with International couriers , FedEx, DHL, UPS, etc. These items can be produced and delivered to your door as quickly as 2 weeks while we can still offer a very competitive price, even on relatively small quantities. However, the more bulky or heavy items such as bags need to be carried by Sea, which adds anything between 20 and 30 days to the transit time. Obviously this can only be done when the planning of the purchase allows for such a long lead/delivery time, BUT when it is possible, the savings are substantial!

We are talking of a price difference of anywhere between 20 and 40 % compared to what is available on the South African market.

In other words, if you need to organize a big event, the budget set aside for your promotional gifts will go MUCH further if you can plan a few months ahead. Thus Ladies and Gents, keep it in mind: Planning ahead always makes sense and in the promotional trade it can put some serious cash back in your pocket!

Got some planning going on? Give us a buzz for advise and an estimate with no further obligation!

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