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One of the most important factors to consider when choosing your next promo item is how long is its promotional life i.e. how long will it promote your brand. Some of the most awesome items out there have a very high impact, but are often discarded the moment your client gets home. If you prefer sustained brand exposure over long periods of time, compared to high-impact over (often very) short periods of time, then branded promotional diaries are your go-to item.Even in this digitised society, diaries still have a place in many workplaces, homes and offices. So for a full year (or even two) your client will look at your brand nearly every day. To add to this already impressive deal, since diaries are often carried around to meetings and appointments, you will achieve secondary exposure when other people see your client’s diary.

Here are some tips to help you choose the perfect diary for your needs:

Your Target market

Who is going your receive your diaries? Are they corporates who need to make a n impression with a sleek executive diary, or are they on-the-go sales reps, who would appreciate a diary filled with all kinds of useful info.

There is a huge range of promotional diaires to choose from, so make sure that you understand your target market to help you choose that diary they would appreciate. While some people may need the writing space of those big A4 diaries, not everyone will enjoy lugging them around.

The looks

There are so many different options you can choose from to make sure that your diary stands out. The executive leather look, or the colourful playful look? Ring-bound or glued? Tabs, dividers, sticky notes and inserts, or just clean and simple. Pocket-size or A4. What about a fun font for younger students or youth group.

You even have choices on your branding. Fancy foil inlay? Full Colour image, or single colour logo? That is the beauty of these diaries: promotional longevity and full customization.

The Quality

The exceptional promoting power of these diaries is based on the fact that they are used for an entire year. So giving your client a diary that will fall apart after a month is a very bad idea. Make sure that the diaries you are giving away will be up to the challenge. A strong cover and binding is necessary to ensure your diary will be up to the expectations of even the most hardcore user . Good quality ink and paper will prevent tearing and result in a crisp, clear print.

Choosing the presentation and the right moment

It breaks our heart as promotional gift suppliers to see any promo product stuffed in a random box or basket with a ‘take one’ note scribbled on it.

You are offering your customer a gift, and part of giving is the attention you are giving the receiver at that specific moment. More than that, in many cultures, handing over the gift without a genuine “Thank you” gesture attached to it, can be conceived as very rude.

Choosing a suitable moment or event to hand out your items is critical in ensuring that your gifts make the impression you are working towards. Handing over these promotional diaries personally to your clients will go a long way to help your client not only remember your business, but also you personally, and it is this kind of personal relationship that should be the focus of any marketing effort.

If you follow our tips on choosing the promotional diary that you need, you can’t go wrong. This item is an excellent choice and will promote your business for a long time.


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