Overview of all available Lanyards Materials, Tape Colors and  the most popular lanyard  fittings

Printed Lanyard Overview Scheme

Printed lanyards are without any doubt our All Time Top Selling product and we sell many thousands of them every month!

Also known as promotional lanyards, branded lanyards and simply lanyards, printed lanyards refer to the colorful rope-like strap we all know from events, which is usually worn around the neck, and more than often fitted with the name tag of the wearer making it a great identification tool for anyone on the event grounds.

We have gone into the identification function of printed lanyards in an earlier post, but we did not have a look into the “what and how” of printed lanyards, and there is more to it than you would suspect.

Promotional Lanyards are classified, based upon the material they are made from, the production process that is used to manufacture them and/or the way they are branded.

With new technologies emerging every day, it is hard to keep up on every new process, but the bulk of printed lanyards, and the ones we carry in our range can be divided into the following main categories:

Petersham Lanyards

  • This is the product that most people visualize as a promotional lanyard or a printed lanyard. Where Petersham used to be only made from cotton, rayon or viscose, (or a mix of them), most Petersham lanyards are currently made from Polyester yarn. The fabric is quite tough, extremely durable, has a slightly rigid feel and has a distinctive ribbed fabric pattern across the tape. Petersham lanyards are usually screen printed in one or multiple colors but we can now also full color dye sublimate them.

Satin Lanyards

  • Satin Lanyards are, as the name suggests, made of Satin or Silk yarn. Because of the extremely thin yarn that is used, Satin lanyards have a silky smooth feel and are comfortable and light to wear. The surface of the lanyards is slightly shiny has no visible threads, and when dye sublimated they boost an exquisite photo-realistic look with vivid colors. When a highly detailed artwork needs to be printed, then Dye Sublimated Satin Lanyards are THE way to go.

Polyester Lanyards

  • Our Polyester Lanyards have a similar look as the Satin Lanyards, except for the fact that they do not have the shiny finish The lanyards are thicker and sturdier as well and are a good option when wider lanyards (up to 40mm) are needed. We only print our Polyester Lanyards with Dye Sublimation.

Rough Woven Lanyards

  • If your message is Big and Bold and needs to ooze toughness (think 4X4’s, outdoor gear, etc.), then Woven lanyards fit the picture perfectly! Also know as Jacquard Lanyards, referring to the Jacquard loom system that is used to produce these lanyards, the required branding is woven into the tape with different yarn colors, during the production of the lanyard itself and therefore is a part of the tape instead of an ink based print applied upon the finished tape. Woven lanyards have a touch that reminds of a tight knitted garment and the branding, being part of the tape will never wear off.

Smooth Woven Lanyards

  • Smooth woven lanyards are similar to our Rough Woven Lanyards, with the only difference that the webbing is finer and tighter, which in turn allows for a more detailed branding. Don’t expect the level of branding of a print, but the obvious jagged pattern of the branding on a Rough Woven Lanyard is, as the name of the Smooth Woven Lanyard suggests, much smoother!

Tubular Woven Lanyards

  • The first thing that comes to mind when seeing a Tubular Woven Lanyard, commonly referred to as Tube Lanyard, is that it’s a huge shoelace. Indeed the same production system, Tubular Jacquard Webbing, is used to make these soft, cushioned feel-like tubular lanyards. Similar to the flat Woven Lanyard, the required artwork / design is part of the production process and no second step printing is used. This being said, and upon popular demand, we do offer a 10mm narrow tube that we screen print with up to two colours.

Eco Lanyards

  • We have 2 eco-friendly lanyards in our range:
    • Bamboo lanyards which are made of the fibers of recycled bamboo. The lanyards have a nice feel to it as if they were made out of cotton, but then obviously thicker than the cotton of for instance a T-shirt. Our recycled Bamboo Lanyard is however only available in 20mm width.
    • Recycled PET Lanyards which are made of Polyethylene Terephthalate, or in simple terms: The stuff that cool-drink bottles are made of.  Although the idea of that would suggest a rough, rigid material, the lanyards look and feel the same as a Petersham lanyard. Although more expensive than a Petersham lanyard, the eco message behind this product might more than make up for that!

Jellybean Lanyards

  • A colorful bunch, that’s the least you can say of our Jellybean Lanyards. They are made of a 5 mm thick flexible plastic rope and sport a range of bright and fluo colors, and even though they can not be printed, we can fit them with a full color badge that sits above the swivel hook. Another price conscious, yet contemporary way to boost your brand at any event!

Cord Lanyards

  • And last but not least, we have the cheapest lanyard of the range, our cord lanyard. Less a promotional lanyard, we can fit it with a whole range of hooks, clips and other fittings, making just as functional as any other lanyard. When the intention is not to purchase a branded product, but a cheap handy strap, then this is your best option!

So, that’s about it with regard to the different lanyard types. Besides all of the above, most lanyards can be fitted with a whole range of handy fittings and accessories. But we will look into that in a following post.

This being said, and with all the different options above in mind, I would understand that making the right choice can get a bit tricky, but don’t stress, we’re here to help you! and to quote you on different options if needed, no strings attached (pun intended)!

Give us a call or drop us line, and we will assist you with pleasure!

In the meantime, keep well and till the next one!


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