Power Bank iRun36000 Multi-voltage high capacity power pack for multiple devices

Power Bank iRun36000 Multi-voltage high capacity power pack for multiple devices

Power banks: Which frequent traveler or outdoor worker can survive without one these days?

Especially when travelling for business, meaning you have to be in constant contact with your home-base and colleagues, our power-hungry electronic devices just lack the battery capacity that is necessary for this hectic live style.

This is where power banks come in to the game.

Most commonly, power banks have a capacity between 2000 and 5000 mAh, but what if you are a real hard-core user who needs to charge a laptop, tablet and or cell phone once or even more than once a day?

Gifts and Gadgets, as usual, has the answer: Behold the Power Bank iRun36000 Multi-voltage high-capacity power pack (or should we say powerhouse?) Even though the power bank doesn’t look like a heavyweight and effectively weighing in at 872 grams only, the device packs more than just one punch at 36000 mAh!

But besides it’s sleek looks, the added accessories provide for flexibility, multi-functionality and performance, allowing to charge more than one device at the same time!

With a large branding space and printing options from one to full color, this power bank is an ultimate corporate gift or tool for your representatives on the road!

Give us a call – 035 550 1354 or drop us a line if you need more info or a free quote!

Power Bank Features:

36000mAh of capacity, provides 2 full charge to most laptops or approximately 20 cycles to most smartphones
– Reliable Li-ion Battery ensures high quality. More than 500 recharges over its lifetime.
– Equipped with 5 outputs for greater versatility. Slim and stylish housing ensures efficient heat
dissipation, lighter weight and durability.

Power Bank Specifications:

  • Capacity: 36000mAh
  • Input: 13V~15V 2.5A
  • 5 Outputs: DC 5V 3A (2 USB), DC 16V 7A, DC 19V 7A, DC 24V 5A, LED
  • Net Weight: 872g
  • Available Colors: Black, White


  • 1 x Input AC Adapter
  • 2 x Output Cables + 10 x Output Connector Tips
  • 1 x Micro USB Cable + 1 x iPhone 4s Cable
  • 1 x User Manual

Specification of connector tips:

  • L01D ==> 4.8×1.7mm
  • L02D ==> 5.5×1.7mm
  • L03D ==> 7.4×5.0mm (For Dell)
  • L04D ==> 7.9×5.5mm
  • L05D ==> 5.5×2.5mm
  • L06D ==> 6.3×3.0mm
  • L07D ==> 5.5×3.0mm
  • L08D ==> 6.5×4.4mm
  • L09D ==> 2.315×0.7mm
  • L10D ==> 7.4×5.0mm (For HP)









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