Our Top Sellers

Our Top Sellers:  In this section, are only those Products that have a long track record of high performance in GnG.

They have consistently been selling very well. So well, that over time, we kind of naturally grew into being specialised in these products.

We have amazingly supportive, specialised suppliers for any of the products in this list.

Some of the products are made locally in  South Africa, while others are beings sourced Internationally.

But all have one thing in common: Our customers love them! 

As a result, we are shipping out orders of these products on a daily basis, to customers as far as Nigeria, Kenya and even the UK.

Furthermore, the selection in this list, as you will see, is very limited, but that is only because of the high level of specialisation that we have in this product range.

Hence, our quality, service level and pricing on these products are next to none, and we tend to keep this as such. Therefore we are only adding those products to this list, that have the proven track record of quality and competitiveness.

In Conclusion: You can rest assured that any purchase of our Top Sellers in this category, will always live up to your expectations, and most of all, that you have the best deal available on the African Continent!

Top Seller: Silicone Wristbands For Africa

This is our new Brand “Silicone Wristbands for Africa”, and is all about Silicone Wristbands. Top Quality and Rock Bottom Prices guaranteed.

Top Seller: Eco Friendly Bamboo USB now in Eco Friendly presentation box

Our Top Seller USB Flash Drive: Our Eco-Friendly Bamboo USB. Now an even more Earth Friendly option, in the new, stylish, Eco Friendly, recycled , and biodegradable Presentations box. Yes it’s a mouthful 🙂 , but the combo lives up to the title!
Top Seller: Car Licence Disks

Top Seller: Car Licence Disks

A promo item that does the job for years to come. Add your emergency contact details and your customer will forever be grateful for the attention.