Logo Printing Is Easy They Say: How we screwed up and how we fixed it!

Logo Printing Is Easy They Say

When my customers ask me what kind of artwork we need to do the branding / logo printing of their promotional items, than most of the time it is sufficient for me that they can send me a Vector of their logo, and just a short note of any additional text or details that need to be added into the final layout.

We then, and this is a completely free service, put one and one together, and fit everything in place so that the available branding space on the item, which is often limited, is used to the max to get the most eye catching effect out of it.

Because in the end, that’s the target of distributing branded promotional items, you want as much return on your investment as possible, and this is only achievable when the promotional item is in line with the target group’s expectations, AND when your logo printing, brand or message is standing out in a positive way.

So, as said above, to achieve this we usually do not need more than the basics to get going, BUT, the printing of some items requires a tad more attention than others, and we learned the hard way, that conveying the artwork, in a format that is understandable for the layman, is of crucial importance.

Because if not everyone is on the same page, things go wrong easily, and we all know you can wait for that.

Thus that’s exactly what happened a week ago: We had to print some Full Colour CD / DVD covers (OFF-1006), and while we sent, what we thought was an understandable artwork, the customer did not notice an issue when approving the artwork until the job was printed and delivered.

Here’s what went wrong: There are 4 printing positions on the OFF-1006 CD / DVD cover:

  • 2 on the outside of the cover: back and front
  • And 2 on the inside of the cover: On the flap, and on the pouch.

While all the prints were printed on the correct position, there was still an issue, and it was a rather serious one: On the inside, the prints were supposed to be orientated both in one direction, so that they made up one print, text and images,  of double the height, and that was something the customer was not able to figure out on the artwork that was presented to him.

When he pointed that out upon receipt of his order, we had to acknowledge that there was an issue with our template: The template was well understandable for a professional designer, but when the customer (a Layman thus) needs to give his / her consent, the approval to go ahead and print the job, then the template should be presented in such a way that everyone can figure out how the end result is going to look like, NOT only the professionals involved.

After hearing out the explanation of the customer as to how this came to happen, it was clear that we had fallen short here, our template was not up to the job of conveying the message to our customer.

We thus offered to redo the logo printing job at no cost whatsoever for the customer.

Damage done, lesson learned and a challenge on hand as to how this would not be repeated again in the future.

With what happened in mind, we sat down to brainstorm a bit around this and one thing was clear: We needed to come up with a better template. And we needed to go from a flat 2-D drawing to a more 3-D like design that would leave no room for misunderstandings.

Our designers brought some ideas forward, we made some sample layouts of which we thought that they would do the job, sent them to friends and family (because they are non-professionals, and it was a non-professional opinion we needed), and we selected the final layout below as the one that we thought to be a solution for the issue, and I would really like to know what do you guys think of it?

Do you think we got it right? Or do you see room for improvement?

Your feedback is as always, but especially on this one highly appreciated, so leave us a comment below, drop us a mail, like or comment on this post on our Facebook of Google+ page, and please don’t sugar-coat it because we need to make sure this doesn’t happen again!

Keep well,


Artwork Template off-1006

Artwork Template off-1006

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