Eco promo range, our new eco-friendly promotional gifts range

A brand new Eco-promo range of stunning, hand-picked eco-friendly promotional gifts coming up!

Dear friends and followers, I have a confession to make, and I’m not really proud of it.

The thing is, that I have been working like a madman on our new website and blog, which I hope you are all enjoying, BUT… Reflecting on the past week,  I  just came to the conclusion that I have not been truthful to myself.

Those who follow my personal whereabouts on Google+ will know that I am basically an old tree-hugger, a full-blown environmentalist with green blood in his veins.  But in my job, in Gifts and Gadgets, I shamefully neglected this part of my life that I consider to be the core of my existence.

We all have to work,  to produce, to sell, to partake in the economic madness in some way if we do not want to end up sitting on the sidewalk with a cardboard sign in our hands, BUT, there are alternative ways, even so in our trade,  where there are more eco-friendly promotional gifts available for most of the product in our “normal”offering.

The last year though, I have been so occupied with what I had to do, that I completely overlooked what I actually want to do!

I fully accept the blame but I do not want to linger around in it and I thus started to the research the last few days, and with some Sunday afternoon time on hand I have concluded all, and I have decided to get going with a complete new range of eco-friendly promotional gifts, as from today!

Thus, from hereon I am committing myself to invest a significant part of my work schedule into sourcing and promoting, the best eco-friendly promotional gifts alternatives for as many promotional products as I can possible find AND of which I can guarantee that they are coming from either recycled or renewable resources.

Sure I will be making profit on it, but that’s unfortunately a part of  my life which I can not do without,  just as your job is a part of your life, if we like it or not, but if I can choose to make a living in a more eco-friendly way than that will be one of the easiest choices I ever had to make!

This being said, my dear friends and followers, watch this space for all top eco-friendly promotional gifts you will ever come across!

I promise to give it my all!

To be continued


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