Eco Friendly Pen set Eco-Range PEN439 pen set now with free print

Eco Friendly Pen set Eco-Range PEN439 pen set

The first promotion of our Eco-promo range: Our eco-friendly pen set PEN439, now with a free print  on all items of the set and what’s more,  setup and delivery to your door* Nationwide is included!

Hi Guys and Gals!

I wanted to write this post last weekend already, but I felt like I needed a break, meaning that I was basically just plain lazy, doing nothing whatsoever, for the whole weekend. And you know what, I don’t even feel bad about it. I guess that’s one of the perks of getting older, you basically don’t give a damn about what others think of you. 🙂

But as we all know, procrastination doesn’t pay the rent , so here’s what I wanted to publish, be it with a full term Zululand delay.

As some of you will know, it’s been more than a month now, since we introduced the Eco-Promo range, our own Eco-friendly range of promotional gifts,  on the website and we’re getting quite a good response.  The site is already scoring well on different ‘eco-friendly’ long tail keywords and especially the eco-friendly USB memory sticks have been in high demand.

This being said however, it is obvious that USB’s do not really cater as a  lower budget eco-friendly gift and I found that we needed to fill that gap and push some promotion around it.

Thus, in an effort to come up with some great budget minded eco-friendly  items, I came across this cute little pen set:  PEN439 Eco-friendly pen set. This eco-friendly pen set consists out of two pens of recycled paper with a highlighter, which are presented in an extremely simple die cut cardboard holder and the whole thing is tied up with a piece of raffia. So? Nothing special there you might think. On first sight, I have to admit, but if you give it a second thought,  it is exactly this simple presentation that makes this eco-friendly pen set stand out from the crowd.  No fancy box here, but just a piece of recycled cardboard, and isn’t that exactly the message we’re trying to convey here?

The message of living wel, but using simple end-off cycle resources, that are so plentiful  available in our throw away society? Put one and one together, give it a creative curb, et voilà,  a perfect promotional eco-friendly gift that really makes sense is born!

So far for the product thus, but as you would have suspected when you are following my whereabouts here a bit: We start where others stop, so we have wrapped this eco-friendly pen set into a nice, competitively priced, all-in promotion!

Thus: From 500 units, you get a free one colour print on all 3 items of the set, both pens and the cardboard holder, and  we’ve included setup costs and Nationwide delivery* as well.

No surprises, no hassle,  simple and straightforward. Exactly as you would expect from Gifts and Gadgets! Because that’s how we roll!

Any questions? Need a quote? Give us a buzz, and we’ll get things going before you know it!

Till the next one!


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