Eco Promo Range - Growing like a weed

Our Eco Promo range – out top range of Eco Friendly Corporate Gifts is growing like a weed

ECO-FRIENDLY CORPORATE GIFTS are now on top of our action list and our Eco Promo Range is growing into a stunning collection!

With reference to my post, “Eco Promo Range: A stunning new range of eco-friendly promotional gifts”, from the 16th of March, I’m really excited to publish that we’re making great progress!

As promised, I have been working hard on sourcing the right products for our new Eco-Friendly range, and Abigail, our in-house capturing super-woman, has been working her magic as well.

Doing so, our hard work is already resulting in some amazing products being available in the shop, many of them locally manufactured in South Africa from recycled materials, making them top of the range eco-friendly corporate gifts.

But, let’s have a look at what’s already there:

I believe this covers it about for now, except that I just NEED to say that I’m very happy that we started this Eco-Friendly Corporate Gifts range, because I believe that career wise, this is the closest I will ever get  to what I personally believe in and what I stand for!

Give us a shout if you have any questions, comments or suggestions!

Keep well guys and gals, and stay blessed!


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