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Eco Friendly Bamboo USB and Presentation Box

As from today we can state Eco Friendly Bamboo USB AND Presentation Box!

Thats right: Our best selling Eco-Friendly bamboo USB now comes in an equally Eco-friendly, recycled cardboard presentation box.

I know, it’s a mouthful, but it’s a bit of happy news, I get to share with you today today.

Our Local Stock Bamboo USB flash drive has always been a winner.

We sell a lot of them. In fact, it’s our best selling USB memory stick across the board!

But somehow, when I looked at them, I always felt a bit disappointed by what I wanted to be the most Eco-Friendly USB in our range. The USB’s themselves were always manufactured from Eco-friendly Ecologically sustainable bamboo, but the presentation boxes were not.

Although they looked quite appealing in their own way, lacquered cardboard is not exactly what one would call an Eco-friendly product.

GnG Bamboo USB in the old not so eco-friendly black presentation box / packaging

And I have to admit, that the thought of promoting an Eco-friendly product with a packaging not living up to the same standard, has always been a pain in my tree-hugging backside.

So, I have been nagging our manufacturer.

Up to a point where the sales manager started talking Chinese to me in one of the many Skype meetings.

I guess that even oriental patience has its limits :-).

But I got what I wanted, and from now on, our top selling bamboo USB comes in an eco-friendly recycled cardboard packaging, doubling up as an appealing presentation box.

The box is also smaller, meaning that it saves on transport costs, and thus, in fact, results in less fuel being burned to get it here.

Overall? Yep, I am very pleased with our revamped product.
But I guess you noticed that much.

Let me know what you Guys and Gals think about it!

The best five comments (here and on our social networks) will get an Eco Friendly Bamboo USB AND Presentation Box, for free in their post box!

Let’s give this little competition a month or two! OK?
I’m looking forward to your responses!


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