A  set of colorful Credit Card Flash Drives nicely presented as a set of cards

Credit Card USB’s – A Favorite USB Flash Drive

Credit Card flash drives are a real favorite among our customers who use USB flash drives in their promotions, and no wonder they are!

At the size and nearly the same thickness of a real credit card or proxy card, Credit card flash drives (aka Card USB’s) pack all the electronic power of any modern day USB flash drive, BUT they have some very significant advantages over all other models of USB’s!

From a users point of view, Card USB’s distantiate themselves from other USB memory sticks by the way we carry them with us. Think about it and tell me if I’m wrong:

Many of us tend to put information on USB’s of private or confidential nature, but then, as is the case with most USB’s we hang them on a key-ring!

If that is not plain stupid, then what is? A Card USB though, go’s there where we keep or other portable valuable items: In our wallet. The Credit Card USB fits right in with your real Credit Cards, and it is specifically this very attribute that makes Credit Card flash drives a sought after gadget for many businessmen and woman.

However, Card USB’s do not only have benefits for the user!

From a marketing point of view, and when it is decided to use USB’s for a campaign, opting for Credit Card flash drive makes a lot of sense!

First of all and undeniable, Card USB’s are a very classy Promotional Gift! A Promotional Gift that works: I can not imagine any business person to get a Card USB that would not keep it and use it frequently.

Secondly, and a very important marketing factor: Where the printable area on most USB’s is limited to roughly 600 mm2 when printed on both sides, Credit Card USB’s offer a massive 8630 mm2 of brand-able surface! I believe the benefits of this are self-explaining. Add to this that our Card USB’s come with a full color digital print on both sides of the card and that both sides can be printed with a different message, it should be clear that for branding purposes, the Credit Card flash drive is second to none among the whole USB range!

As if all of the above was not sufficient motivation to order yours, our Credit Card flash drives come in a range capacities: From 1GB up to 32GB. This should cover what most of us are expecting from a USB flash drive, with ease.

We offer free data preload up to 300MB, but larger files and applications can be uploaded at a minimal cost. For those who have no readily available artwork, we offer free basic artwork and we always supply a free virtual before we start printing the USB Cards.

Besides that, different packing and presentation options are also available.

Budget wise, our Credit Card USB’s are no more expensive than any middle of the range USB of the same capacity, and Gifts and Gadgets is known to have very competitive, if not the best prices on USB’s in the whole of Southern Africa!

So, what are you waiting for? You know you were searching for this promotional gift, but you did not know that it was going to be THAT good!

Thus, stop procrastinating, get going on your keyboard , select that  Credit Card Flash Drive you fancy and fill out the order form right away!

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