Cheap Stylus Pens now in stock! Appreciated by anyone with a smartphone, these stylus pens offer a superb promotional gift option without breaking the bank

A beautiful range of very affordable stylus pens now in stock

Soon after the inception of the concept of stylus pens, the promotional gifts trade identified the product as an outstanding promotional product, but the affordability of the stylus pens were not exactly at the level of a main stream give-away pen.

Almost every company has somewhere down the line made use of cheap give-away pens for customers, clients, employees and even prospective customers, be it for sheer branding purposes or to advertise certain products and services, but the price bracket of the stylus pens made that these pens were more of an exclusivity, rather being a corporate gift then a give-away item.

That is up till now, where we from Gifts and Gadgets have done an effort to source quality stylus pens that are cheap enough to fit the give-away niche of the promotional gifts range.

Because, let’s face it: Seldom would a company be willing to spend a major chunk of their marketing budget on promotional gifts.
But on the other hand, the fact that stylus pens make for a very much appreciated gift, we went to any length to find a solution and we have identified a range of the cheap stylus pens that are elegant, multi functional at a click and of an outstanding quality.

Where the price range of promotional stylus pens were typically R50.00 and up, Gifts and Gadgets now offers a really affordable range of stylus pens from as cheap as R4.70 !!!
The ARM PEN-1302 Construct Stylus Pen,  ARM PEN-1322 Tenor Stylus Pen,  ARM PEN-1328 Module Stylus Pen,  ARM PEN-1334 Axiom Stylus Pen,  ARM PEN-1335 Genre Stylus Pen and ARM PEN-1340 Eco-Scribe Stylus Pen are some amazingly well priced stylus pens. But even though their price, the pens do not appear to be cheap in any way. We did the job and we found the right resource to offer these pens at far below market prices, especially when purchased in bulk and imported directly from the manufacturers in Asia

The range comes in various colors, which will allow for the branding of most corporate color schemes without any problem.
While these affordable stylus pens are good to look at, bright and durably,they are also multi-utilitarian and we made sure that they are supplied with Black German ink to make sure they are usable for any official writing.
If you want to stand out on the next Trade Show, or if you want to give something special to your customers without breaking the bank, then these stylus pens, printed with your message will definitely do the trick.
So, don’t doubt: You are making the right decision.

Find the pen that will easily fit your budget and order NOW!

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