Cheap Personalized Lanyards – 100 Lanyards for R 11.41 each – Nationwide Delivery included. Best price in SA! Prices are valid at the moment of publication but are subject to change at any time without further notice.

Cheap Personalized Lanyards – 250 Lanyards for R 7.79 each* – Nationwide Delivery included. Best price in SA!

That was what I was going to make my post about: Cheap Personalized Lanyards! And I thought this was a straightforward thing to do, until my SEO guy Andrew, told me this afternoon on a Hangout that I was wrong! I couldn’t be more wrong, he said!

“So… What’s the issue?” I asked him? What is your problem with a simple promotional blog post like this?

“Well, “ he said, “ You are writing to sell! You should not be writing to push your products to your customers, you should be writing to provide them with solutions.”

“Dammed Andrew”, I replied, “We’re talking about a dead simple product here: A cheap personalized lanyard! What am I supposed to write? These lanyards will change your life for bloody forever?”

“No, no Edwin!” He carried on, “You need to start thinking from your customers point of view: What you want is to empower your customers brand, so they can inspire and capture their customer commitment! It’s not about reinventing the wheel:  It’s about doing more with less!  You also want to post in such a way that you generate broad interest and make your posts likeable, you never know when things might go viral if you do not close off the opportunity from the start ”

Now, I’m sure everyone knows the facial expression one makes, when you ask a dead simple question and you get a quantum physics answer. Indeed,  I had to let this filter through for a moment. He caught me off-guard for a second there.  But I’m an old goat. I’m business for a long time, and I know when I’m being bullshitted! Especially when it’s from an otherwise nice, but all  too educated slick young man.

“So, you want to tell me, that I need to talk a load of nonsense, instead of just telling my customers what they actually need to know, and what they want to hear from me?”

There you go: His turn to look flabbergasted.

“And you really think it’s better to hook up my customers with this kind of crap? Because what I actually want to tell them is, that if they need a bargain lanyard for their next event, we have what they are looking for: Cheap personalized lanyards at the best price in SA,  and we can deliver within a week. Bottom line!”

“And that’s EXACTLY what my customers are actually looking for!” I added to it.

Eish…”  he said, and that’s when we came to the trade-off,  you are reading now.

A win-win situation he calls it… Damn SEO guys, always the last word!

Till the next one!


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* Prices are valid at the moment of publication but are subject to change at any time without further notice.

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