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Best price on cheap branded pens – Always

Cheap Branded Pens, delivered to your door, Nationwide and at the best price in South Africa! A tough statement, I know, but that’s just how it is!

I have this thing with pens and in the case of Gifts and Gadgets, with branded pens. I just can’t help it, but liking these nifty little, low profile office tools. They can be funky shaped and coloured or stylishly sober and classy, there’s a pen for any occasion. What’s more: Giving a pen to an employee, customer or prospect, be it a plastic cheap branded pen, is an act that ALWAYS makes sense and nearly always is appreciated (Let’s leave the grumpy cat out of this picture).

Sure, I know all too well, that there’s a myriad of different branded gifts out there, but let’s be honest about it: Is there anything in our offices that is so cheap as a branded pen, (Yes, the one you got for free thus) and that proves to be such a useful office utensil? Anything that we use as many times a day as a pen? I didn’t think so! Thus: From a marketing point of view, and budget wise, the cost per impression of a cheap branded pen, is most likely VERY hard to beat! Just do your sums:R2.00, at countless exposures a day, for several months! Where does that leave ANY other type advertising?
Take it up a notch though, and a more expensive branded pen stands for a classy gift. A gift that has the power to create, mend and/or maintain a business relationship. Didn’t a wise man once say that “The pen is mightier than the sword”?  🙂

But to go back to where we started this post: We, at Gifts and Gadgets, play it hard when it comes to branded pens! That’s why we continuously have all-in promotions on our branded pens, and most of the time we can offer you a price of less than R2.00 all included, even Nationwide delivery*!

That’s it for now Ladies and Gents! I said what I had on my mind, if you got any comments, questions or remarks, you know where to find me!

I’ll catch up with you guys again real soon, in the meantime, stay on the bright side of life!


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