Button badges, a small, affordable, yet powerful giveaway and/or promotional item.

Powerful?  Yes exactly! Just think it over: Where most promotional items are used because of their functionality, like being used as the hat or the umbrella, pen or USB they are, button badges distinguish themselves for the mere fact that the wearer of the button badge purposely wants to convey a message.

This can be a message of membership, of approval, of disapproval, of belonging or just the fact that the message is fun or shocking or even a public question.  But a button badge will always  be a sign that the wearer wants to make a statement, because that is the only function a button badge has. It really doesn’t keep you warm or cool you know what I mean?

This being said, it is this very  limitation where the real power of a button badge shows: The wearer is proud aligning him/herself  the message and will prominently show it off to anyone in his / her eyesight! With the old adage in mind that there’s no marking like mouth of word, it is the fact that that when a badge makes a statement ( or better the wearer thereof) that turns this simple promotional item an outstanding choice for associations, movements and any other entity that  gives people a sense of belonging.

The button badges themselves come in many different shapes but all of them come including photo quality full color print and at the prices we are selling them, they are a hard to beat giveaway or even a great way to generate some income for your association!

For your convenience, here’s a quick list of the button badges we are able to provide:

Give us a shout if you have plans to buy button badges: Our experienced team will gladly assist you choosing the right badge and give you a  price you can’t refuse!

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