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Choosing the right item

An important marketing step for any small business is attending business expos and events. A well thought out, and set-up booth, can generate significant amounts of specific interest in your brand.

However, the biggest problem that these small businesses face when attending these expos is trying to stand out of the multitude of other business that are there with the same purpose in mind. Working to ‘outshine’ all these other booths can cost you a significant amount of resources, including time and money.

What these individuals really need is an inexpensive solution to attracting and keeping the visitors attention. This is where promotional products come in. Giving away the right item will help to both attract attention and help your targets remember your booth and business even after they have left the event.It is important to keep in mind though, that  an item that is either unappealing or unrelated to your business, will only result in them ending up in the trash and a bad corporate image.

Here are our suggestions on choosing the right item for the occasion.


Consider the time, place and possible theme of the event where you will be holding your booth. Identifying who is likely to come, and what they will be looking for will help in deciding what your target market is. These factors together with your business’ market must be kept in mind when choosing your giveaway item for your booth.
For example, if you are attending an event that has focus on eco-awareness, and sustainability, it would not be a good idea to give away plastic items. Instead, go for the eco-promo range where you can find items made of recycled materials such as wood and bamboo. Together with a flier or brochure on how your business is eco-friendly will create a very good impression.
Or else, if you know that your event will be outdoors in mid-summer, your visitors would appreciate items such as reusable plastic bottles or foam caps. During rainy weather, holding umbrellas is a sure-fire way to gather people to your booth.


A lot of promo items are very cool… For a few minutes. One of the most common mistakes in the promo product market is choosing an item that is thrown away in the first bin your customers find. These items do not make a lasting impression and are often a waste of money
Ideally, you would choose an item that is functional and useful; this will ensure that your branded name or logo will be continuously and often seen. Your visitors will both appreciate the free item and the effort and thought you put into choosing it.
Pens: the universally functional item. Even in this world of mobile devices and computers, pens still have a place of honour in any environment.
Speaking about mobile devices, one of our most high-end gifts are our mobile powerbanks. Theses very impressive items are very long lasting and will be used often.

Your brand and message.

The print you choose is as important as the actual item. With the enormous range of items we offer, also comes a variety of different branding options. Full-colour; one colour; engraving; dome stickers; embossing; foiling and many more. Whether you choose a simple logo or a full colour picture, the message you convey with your branding must suite your business. A colourful, playful picture for a younger audience, or a sleek one or two colour logo for a corporate environment
You can promote your cause by printing a phrase stating that a percentage of your revenue will go to that cause. Attaching a specifically coloured ribbon to your items will display your support for various international causes.

Promotional merchandise will go a long way to attracting and maintaining long-lasting attention to your brand and name. Done right, these giveaways will ensure that your visitors remember your booth long after the event has ended. Follow our tips and you cannot go wrong

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