R 0.0095

Less than One Rand Cent!

R 0.009476, to be exact, that’s what it is going to cost you to get your Brand into your customers face. Every day!
And He or She will be happy about it on top of that.

No, I haven’t been smoking any weeds, nor have I been eating any suspicious Mushrooms.

I have been sitting on my desk the whole day, and a bit earlier I was looking at some reports about the ROI on promotional items.
So, I know exactly what I am talking about cause I just did the Math.

But let me fill you in: A marketing research was done in the USA, by The Advertising Specialty Institute, (ASI) which found that consumers continued to use the average promo item for seven months.

Thus, armed with the above knowledge I did a dead simple dirty job calculation on how ridiculously cheap Promotional gifts actually can be considering their average lifespan.

So here’s the breakdown:

We have an ongoing promotion running for Branded Pens with a Free Print, and our bestseller in that series, is going for R1.99 each.
The above is our thousand units price.
It even get’s cheaper than that, when bought in bulk quantities, but just for credibilities sake, let’s stick to the thousand units price.

Thus, here’s what we’re looking at:

-A good quality promotional Branded pen with a free print,
-NO setup costs,
-Delivered to your door, all over South Africa*

And all of this, at the ridiculously low price of R1.99 each (ex VAT).

Now: An average lifespan of a promo product, seems to be seven Months or 210 days.
Thus: R1.99 / 210 = 0.009476(that’s what the machine told me) or, in other words, just a tad less than one Rand Cent a day.

One Rand Cent a day!

For our International Customers:
That’s $0.00076, or €0.00073, or £0.00053

I have been looking around wide and far.

I have really tried to find a better deal for any promo item.

But as far as I know, I think I can safely say, that nothing beats the value of our Branded Pens with a Free Print!

Till the next one!


*For those living behind the sign marking the end of civilization, might have to cough up a few bucks for our courier. Read more about the delivery T&C’s here.

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