Printed Petersham lanyard with a two color print and a snap hook

Two color printed lanyard sample

Visiting any event these days will almost guaranty the fact that you will be fitted with a branded lanyard.

Although most people will consider this a mere promotional gift, the functionality of a branded lanyard is far more reaching than just that.

As most people who have organised or even visited an event, we are all well aware that there are many challenges in the organisation of any event. For instance, one of the crucial points of success of an event, is the immediate identification of any person at any time.

It’s a dreaded situation for any organiser, but If for whatever reason, assistance from security is needed, the last thing you need is that people are not are not able to identify your security team!

Besides the necessity of knowing who is who for the organizer, and creating a feeling of belonging for the visitors to the event, how convenient is it for an International visitor if he knows that he/she can ask for directions or information to any person wearing a white lanyard!

This being said, working with different lanyard colors can immediately  distinguish, stand holders from visitors, local visitors from International visitors, and the different service people such as security people, hosts, organisational, and so on. The number of classifications are only limited by your imagination because besides the many standard colors of the lanyards we offer, an obvious further identification can be implemented by different prints, and even by differently colored ID pouches or card holders.

Talking about lanyard card holders: The additional value of your event for the stand holders multiplies by a massive factor if personalized magnetic ID cards are attached to the lanyards, which can easily and conveniently be scanned by the stand holders. No more browsing through piles of business cards in the aftermath of the event, but instead, a detailed list of data of all the traffic that has visited the stand. Upload this list into any good mailing list program and your event follow up becomes a one hour job for one person instead of a week of overload for the whole admin team!

As if all of the above wasn’t enough, most branded  lanyards, will keep on serving as identification items, as key holders, pen holders and whatever-you-use-it for holders for years. Used by your customers and employees alike, at home and at work adding another extra to the marketing power of this cheap event product.

We so often talk about added value of our purchases, especially when it comes to ROI of our marketing budget, but at the price we at Gifts and Gadgets can supply you with a a huge customised range of branded lanyards, the value of these are second to none for any event!

Just check out our ongoing branded lanyard promotion,and you will be pleasantly surprised to see how much can be done within a very limited budget.

In the mean time, the next time you organize an event just give it a thought and you will know that the first thing to order, will be this seemingly simple event attribute, with so many hidden qualities: a branded lanyard!

Till the next one!


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