Branded gifts showcase Cisco Nigeria: Artwork for  Tech-4100 Wireless Optical Mouse and NB-9336 Stanford A6 Notebooks.

Branded gifts showcase Cisco Nigeria

Branded gifts showcase Cisco Nigeria: Tech-4100 Vector Wireless Optical Mouse and NB-9336 Stanford A6 Notebooks.

It doesn’t happen all too often, luckily not I would say, that the end-result of a branded gift campaign comes out disappointing.

Most of the time, if not nearly always, our customers and ourselves are quite happy with the jobs done.

A good quality promotional product, printed with top of the range equipment by experienced printers, nearly guarantees a good end-result and thus a branded gift that meets up to all expectations from all parties involved.
But then again, and it also doesn’t happen that many times, you get these jobs that really stand out, and the job we did for Cisco – Nigeria, was one of them.
It’s hard to tell exactly what it is, that separates these particular jobs from all the other jobs-well-done, but one way or anther, the chosen promotional product, the logo and the colours of both the logo and the product seem to work so well together that they automatically trigger a second look from anyone who sees the branded items. Almost like a work of street art, where you walk past and what makes you go back on your steps because it buzzed your brain and you just need to have a better look at it.

Now, obviously, anyone involved in the process of purchasing and/or supplying promotional gifts, would want this reaction to each and every branded gifts campaign, and it needs no rocket science to figure out that the exact formula to create this triggering mechanism would be a very valuable asset to anyone involved in the process.

But as far as I know, there is none. The only constant that I have noticed, in the years that I am in this business, is that it usually happens with very simple, basic logo’s. Something along the lines of less is more. But then again it could also be the brand power of the printed logo itself? But what to say when the same thing happens on a job with a nearly unknown brand? And believe me, it does!

Maybe, and I think that might be the closest answer to the truth, maybe the human psyche doesn’t adhere to scientific rules. That’s why some songs catch us and make us want to sing the whole day, and why some artworks make one quite in awe.
Indeed, the beauty of art, can’t be measured by exact formulas, and neither can we predict how a branded gift will be perceived. We can only hope that somewhere, somehow, our work will catch the imagination of those who walk past.

Till the next time Ladies and Gents, and if you have any questions or comments, you know the way!


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