Promo gifts can be bold, beautiful  and completely quirky according to two emails I received today.

Among a truckload (Hello Monday ! ) of other emails these two products completely caught my attention.

The first mail is a new branding combo, making up the bold and beautiful part of my post title.

And as from now on,  we can now supply an unusual combination of debossed items with a seamlessly integrated full-colour dome inside the debossing.
Here’s how it looks like:

Deboss and Dome Combo branding



As far as I am concerned, I think it looks stunning and unmistakably classy. Not?

But then there was the “completely quirky” part in my title, and I promise you it is!


I ordered one for myself straight away!

It hope it will bring some Zen into my hectic days here at Gifts and Gadgets!

Curious… ?



Male frog gets "weighed" by his curious female shower companion

Curious? Oh yeah…

Check it out here:
and let me know what you think!


Till the next one !



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