The end of the low capacity USB flash drives.

As a leading USB flash drive supplier in South Africa we would like to share some information about the current shortage of low capacity USB chip-sets for promotional USB flash drives. In the past few years, with the rapid development of portable technology, tablets, smartphones, portable speakers and other portable digital products are becoming more […]

Cheap Stylus Pens Make An Amazing Promotional Gift

Soon after the inception of the concept of stylus pens, the promotional gifts trade identified the product as an outstanding promotional product, but the affordability of the stylus pens were not exactly at the level of a main stream give-away pen. Almost every company has somewhere down the line made use of cheap give-away pens […]

Best Price USB Memory Sticks In SA

Gifts-n-Gadgets offers the best quality Promotional USB memory sticks at the best price available in South Africa! Now that might be statement that’s both hard to keep up and that is even harder to control as a consumer. To start off with, what is the BEST quality USB? And what would be the BEST price? […]

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