Branded Lanyards – Best price – ALL inclusive

We had a huge, positive response on our Branded Lanyard Lowest Price pledge. We got a few emails from customers though, asking in slight disbelief,  if the price of the branded lanyard promotion really included everything or if there were some hidden clauses and hooks attached (pun intended). Here’s what they said, and I am quoting literally: “because […]

Printed lanyards – Our All Time Top Seller

Printed lanyards are without any doubt our All Time Top Selling product and we sell many thousands of them every month! Also known as promotional lanyards, branded lanyards and simply lanyards, printed lanyards refer to the colorful rope-like strap we all know from events, which is usually worn around the neck, and more than often […]

Banner Pens Pull Out Your Brand

Banner Pens or Pull-out pens make more sense, from a budget minded marketing point of view, than any other low-cost pen and here’s why: Cheap plastic pens are a necessity in many marketing campaigns using promotional gifts. One can always consider giving away some branded pens to customers or prospects alike, because the price is […]

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