Are Your Bargain Silicone Wristbands Really a Bargain

Searching for Bargain Silicone Wristbands, you Googled “Embossed Silicone Wristbands with color filled”, because that’s what your Marketing Team decided they should be.

The bargain included.

And as we have become accustomed to, our modern day Zoltar gives us all the answers we need.

In Zero point Fifty Three seconds to be exact.

We all know that fortune tellers never lie, but:

Do they necessarily tell you the whole truth?

And that is what this post is about: The Small Print.

When you are looking at purchasing Silicone Wristbands, or nearly any product for that matter, from an International supplier, then the price that you get from your supplier, is usually NOT what you will pay in the end.
Not even when the supplier states that “shipping to South Africa is included”!

I can hear you think at this point: “Ah come on!  What else is there to pay?’
And you are right to think so!


Your wristbands are paid for,
Your shipping is paid.
So what else IS THERE to be paid?

And that’s where we have to go and dig into the small print.

Because if you will do due diligence, then you should find the terms and conditions with regard to “Duties”!
Customs Duties that are.
And in most countries, as is the case in South Africa, VAT as well.

Which basically, to import Silicone wristbands into South Africa, boils down to 20% Duty, charged on what your supplier charges you for your wristbands,
plus 14% VAT over the sum of both, cost plus Duty.

This means, when you do the math, that’s about 37% to be paid,  on top of what you paid your supplier.

And Customs will not release your order unless you do so.
Within 3 days, else the next list of charges starts piling up.
Pretty steep, (and kind of aggressive) not?

Oh yes, and then there’s still about R200.00 to be paid to the courier company that is bringing your goods in. Document fees they call it.

Practically, this tops up the Five Thousand Rand deal you bargained on, with a hefty Two thousand Rand and some.
So far for your bargain silicone wristbands.

Thus, if you are not into this kind of surprises: Talk to us.
We don’t do Small Print.

Except when printed on our Silicone Wristbands that is.

See you guys around!


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