Banner Pens or Pull-out pens make more sense, from a budget minded marketing point of view, than any other low cost pen and here's why banner pens are a top marketing product

Why our banner pens are the best buy in Southern Africa!

Banner Pens or Pull-out pens make more sense, from a budget minded marketing point of view, than any other low-cost pen and here’s why:

Cheap plastic pens are a necessity in many marketing campaigns using promotional gifts. One can always consider giving away some branded pens to customers or prospects alike, because the price is nearly at the level of a business card, but where many business cards end up in a file never to be seen again, most people will keep using the pen for months if not years to come.

The most common issue however with branded pens, is the limited branding space that they offer.

The average print area on a pen is about 50 x 6 mm, basically reducing the message to a logo (if not too detailed), the company name and a phone number or web address.
Hard-core pen adopters will opt for a second message on the other side of the pen, but that’s it! End of the line, and it usually gets kinda crowded by then!
It’s in this scenario, that the banner pen offers a solution of a whole other level! The pen itself boosts no more or less branding space then any other plastic pen, but then we come to the hidden magic of this nifty give-away: The pull-out banner! With an average printable area of no less than 180 by 70 mm, banner pens offer a huge branding aria to cost ratio!

And that’s only the tip of the iceberg!

The pull-out banners come standard with a full color digital print on BOTH sides of the banner, and there is no extra cost when you want to use a different print on either side.
This being said, it is obvious that banner pens make an ideal choice for companies that need to stick to their corporate colors for the purpose of brand recognition, and the print can convey high quality images because of the digital printing process, converting a low cost promotional gift into a top marketing item!

But what makes banner pens stand out the most, is something you cannot really see!

Banner pens activate 2 basic human behaviors: Curiosity and the habit of fiddling with, well errrr, fiddling thingies.
Try and test it for yourself: Give someone a normal plastic branded pen and they will take it from you, glance over it, and put it on their desk, in their handbag or in their shirt’s front pocket. Now try the same with a banner pen: I assure you, that they will take it, look at it, pull out the banner, close it again, pull it out again and look at the backside of the banner. I have tried it over and again with friends and customers alike and they will keep the banner pen in their hands and by the time you leave them 5 minutes later, most likely they are still fiddling with it!
In the long run, they will keep pulling out the banner, every time they use the banner pen for as long as they will keep using it, because that’s how people are, we like to fiddle, and that’s exactly what this quirky item invites you to! Now that’s what I call high impact marketing on a low-budget!

Talking about budget, because I haven’t touched that rather sensitive part of most marketing campaigns yet: At the time of writing this post, the prices are roughly between R15.00 each for 500 units and R5.00 for quantities of 15000 units and up. (mentioned prices exclude VAT)

You can find the automatically updated prices here! (Convenient huh?)
Have a look and be surprised, because that’s really how cheap we are selling them! And we can offer them to you from as little as 500 units only!

Don’t forget that these are ALL-IN prices, meaning that they include the banner pen (I would hope so), the setup, full color print on both sides of the banner, AND DELIVERY to your door! (SA Nationwide and all major destinations in Southern Africa).

On top of that, and as an extra, extra service, we offer a free basic layout design for those who do not have their own artwork! Because that’s how we roll at Gifts and Gadgets!

So, If I haven’t convinced you by now that banner pens ARE the way to go, then I guess it’s a lost case. For all others : Drop us a line and we will get back to you ASAP!

Keep well and till the next one!

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