Author: Edwin Spiessens

Promotional gifts – direct import

Promotional gifts from International manufacturers, drop shipped to your door at the lowest prices in Southern Africa. It has taken us 5 years of trial and error, to get to the point where we now can offer promotional gifts from several trusted manufacturers from all over the world of which we are confident that you […]

Branded gifts showcase for Cisco Nigeria

Branded gifts showcase Cisco Nigeria: Tech-4100 Vector Wireless Optical Mouse and NB-9336 Stanford A6 Notebooks. It doesn’t happen all too often, luckily not I would say, that the end-result of a branded gift campaign comes out disappointing. Most of the time, if not nearly always, our customers and ourselves are quite happy with the jobs […]

USB Memory Sticks versus Cloud Backup

USB Memory Sticks are so handy as a quick and safe backup tool. They are small, practical,work on most computers you will come across and they are the perfect promotional gift for any occasion! But now, there’s cloud backup. And I love it! Yes, even if it doesn’t really fit your business-plan, there’s no way […]

Realistic Wine Bottle USB Memory Stick

We just added a lovely new Wine Bottle shaped USB memory stick to our USB range. The Wine Bottle USB memory stick has a very realistic look because of the colours it comes in and the vague transparency of the USB. To add the finishing touch, the Wine Bottle USB memory stick can be branded […]

Cheap Personalized Lanyards – Our Top Seller

Cheap Personalized Lanyards – 250 Lanyards for R 7.79 each* – Nationwide Delivery included. Best price in SA! That was what I was going to make my post about: Cheap Personalized Lanyards! And I thought this was a straightforward thing to do, until my SEO guy Andrew, told me this afternoon on a Hangout that I was wrong! I […]

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