Author: Edwin Spiessens

Choosing_the _right_item

Business Expos: Using Promotional products to help you stand out.

Choosing the right item An important marketing step for any small business is attending business expos and events. A well thought out, and set-up booth, can generate significant amounts of specific interest in your brand. However, the biggest problem that these small businesses face when attending these expos is trying to stand out of the multitude […]

Why we love Promotional Diaries.

Promote your brand, for a whole year, with Promotional Diaries! How? Find out here! One of the most important factors to consider when choosing your next promo item is how long is its promotional life i.e. how long will it promote your brand. Some of the most awesome items out there have a very high […]

Free Artwork for a Post – 1

  This is the first post of our “Share a post – Get a free Artwork” collection. As we are trying to keep this service free for everyone, we did have to resort to getting some Social Networking Karma out of it. So, without any further obligation: You give us a pat on the Social […]

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