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12 Reasons why Foldable Sports Water Bottles are Better See our best prices Including one colour print (one position) and delivery to your door.

Foldable sports water bottles: Why didn’t anyone think of that one before?

Because if you have a look at both, one will see that there are many reasons why foldable sports water bottles are just a better solution than the sports water bottles we have come to know over the past few years.

If you are not convinced that the above statement holds, here’s 12 reasons to prove that Foldable Sports Water Bottle make a better promotional gift.

If you don’t need to be convinced,

jump straight to our very competitive prices, including one colour print and delivery to your door to all main centres on the African Continent

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Oh… I see : You’re not that easily convinced.

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You want to actually see those 12 reasons why Foldable Sports Water Bottles are better right?

Ok! Here’s go’s:

From an Eco-friendly point of view:

-Much lighter and less bulky to transport (Saving energy, you’re not shipping air!)
-Fully recyclable
-Very tough – Long lifespan

From a User-friendly point of view:

-Much lighter to carry around
-The carabiner hook makes them easier to carry them while sporting.
-While you are carrying them, they are softer when bumping around on your belt for instance.
-When your bottle is empty, you just roll it up and put it in your pocket for the next refill.
-Squeezing the bottle while drinking works like a traditional Spanish bota bag or wineskin. The narrow nozzle makes it possible to drink from “the water jet” without touching the bottle. Great for sharing.
-When sharing, the content does not necessarily need to be water 🙂

From a marketing point of view:

-Foldable Sports Water bottles are a much “funkier” gift item than the normal water bottle (Let’s be honest, they are becoming a bit of a boring gift)
-Because they are flat when manufactured they are much easier printed over the whole surface of the bottle. No wrap printing needed.
-Our Foldable Sports Water bottles can be printed full colour on both sides, depending on the quantity.

Pricing Foldable Sports Water Bottles – August 2017


Product: Printed Folding Water Bottles

Material: PE+PET+Nylon
(Ultra-durable, BPA FREE,ECO-FRIENDLY) 
Size:(480ml) 26x12x3.3cm 
Attachment: Carabiner Hook
Color: 11 Colors Available
Logo: 1 side printing – 1 colour 

Prices valid until AUGUST 2017, but subject to the Rand/USD exchange rate.

Minor echange rate adjustments are accounted fur but sudden drops of the Rand will affect this pricing, and adjustments can be implemented at any moment without prior notice.

Kindly confirm before ordering!

250.00R 24.9018.00%R 20.42R 5,104.50R 5,819.13
500.00R 19.6619.00%R 15.92R 7,962.30R 9,077.02
1,000.00R 17.5322.00%R 13.67R 13,673.40R 15,587.68
2,000.00R 16.1123.00%R 12.40R 24,809.40R 28,282.72
2,500.00R 15.7123.00%R 12.10R 30,241.75R 34,475.60
3,000.00R 33.6924.00%R 25.60R 76,813.20R 87,567.05
4,000.00R 15.1424.00%R 11.51R 46,025.60R 52,469.18
5,000.00R 14.9524.00%R 11.36R 56,810.00R 64,763.40
7,500.00R 14.7425.00%R 11.06R 82,912.50R 94,520.25
10,000.00R 14.5625.00%R 10.92R 109,200.00R 124,488.00


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