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Gifts and Gadgets , the Southern African No 1 in Branded Lanyards

Even Google knows we are the leading supplier of Branded Lanyards in Southern Africa.

We have been working hard on our Branded lanyards campaign, both on the website, where we now have the complete bracket pricing of all our branded lanyards, and the SEO part of it  and without any doubt, it is showing!

Surely, a lot if these results are the fruits of the SEO that has been done, but you do not get  what you do not deserve, and this being said, with this short post, I would like to express a word of gratitude to everyone involved.

Therefore, I would like to thank our suppliers for believing in us from the moment we started working together, for their their service and their consistent quality products,

I would like to thank everyone in our small team for their joint efforts to make our Branded Lanyards campaign the success it is.

I would like to thank our customers, who have given us their confidence and enabled us to grow into the branded lanyard specialist supplier we currently are.

And lastly I would like to thank Google, for being straightforward in their strategy that,  even if you are a small company, you will get the Search results you deserve as long as you submit honest, solid information, not for the benefit of your search results, but for the benefit of the customers that are looking for good information on the subject.

I believe that it is this nondiscriminating, straightforward policy of Google,  that enabled us, the small company that we are, to dominate that corner of the market where we are without any doubt the Southern African number ONE: Branded lanyards!

Once more, thanks to everyone involved and let us continue what we do best!

Till the next one

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